Thoughts on Lammas.

Lammas is the first harvest festival in the wheel of the year. For non-witch/pagan people this is hard to grasp, but for those of us who follow a pagan/witch path there is no explanation needed.

In days gone by Beltane marked the start of summer, with Samhain being the end of the summer. Therefore, Litha was indeed midsummer. All that aside we see evidence of our farmers starting their harvest jobs, preparing for the coming winter.

Here in the North of England I can definitely feel a chill in the air. It’s hard to fathom for anyone who lives south of me, the weather is still warm and humid. I’ve noticed this before, the distinct autumnal feel that creeps in once August arrives, here in the north. The schools are still out for summer, the kids are optimistically coming down to the river, hoping to have a swim and chill with their friends. I’m not sure it’s quite warm enough to do this, but maybe I’ve just forgotten how the young rarely feel the cold.

Of course we’ve been blessed with a fair amount of decent weather this summer, especially good for us up north. I’ve not felt cheated this year, and I expect when the wheel turns to Mabon and then onto Samhain I’ll be ready to welcome the change of season.

I was reading something earlier and Christmas was discussed. It feels a long way off, even though it’s cooler here the weather hasn’t turned really cold yet and Christmas feels so very far away. But it’s less than five months away. And of course once the kids return to school thoughts of Christmas will be less of a distant thought.

Lammas always makes me ponder the year I’ve had so far. Everything I’ve been doing since New Year. I’m always left a little bewildered at how fast the year is marching on. It feels like a hazy time, the sun shines down on us, giving us that beloved golden hue that we remember summer by – even if we’ve had rain!

Lammas always feels reflective for me. Lazy summer days give life a slower pace and allow me to ponder my time away quite happily. The slight chill in the air reminding me that summer’s end is right around the corner.

The wheel will turn once more.


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